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Airsoft FAQ

What is Airsoft?

Airsoft is a recreational sport and an international hobby that revolves around military simulation and realistic airsoft guns that fire 6mm plastic BB pellets. There are many aspects of airsoft in addition to the basic wargame skirmish, including basic firearms safety and handling, marksmanship, gunsmithing, military tactics, IPSC competition shooting, gun collecting, historical memorabilia, law enforcement and military training, movie props

Airsoft is different from the traditional "BB guns" common in Europe and in the United States, which often fire 0.177 caliber metal BBs (round or pellet shaped) at speeds of 350fps to 1000fps. Power is usually by way of CO2 cartridges or through hand-cocking air power. Some of these BB guns resemble real weapons in their general shape, but in almost all cases they are modified somewhat in terms of details or in the way their switches function. They will also never carry the trademarks or names of their real counterparts. As such, close inspection will always allow you to distinguish between a BB gun and a real gun. BB guns can be used for sport shooting or hunting, but are not suited for indoor shooting or war-gaming due to their high power. These BB guns are incapable of shooting full auto.

Airsoft is different from paintball guns, which is designed specifically for war-game purposes. These "guns" do not resemble real weapons at all and are usually quite simple in design. Power is by way of a compressed air gas tank that is in its smallest form as big as a coke bottle, that is mounted externally on the paintball gun. Paintball guns shoot plastic balls that are filled with paint, which break up and splatter on the opponent's body upon impact. Given the relatively large size of paintballs, the projectile of each shot is a slight arc rather than a pure straight-line. However when shot at close range, these paintballs can really hurt and cause bruising. The beauty of paintball is your opponent cannot deny being hit due to the visible paint marks that are delivered by the paintball. The only thing that leaves something to be desired is the look of the gun, which is burdened by the huge container for the paintballs, and the external gas tank. Paintball guns are mostly incapable of shooting full-auto.

How did Airsoft start?

Airsoft was invented in Japan and describes pistols and rifles that look, feel, and operate exactly like real firearms. Their shape, form, and trademarks are true to form, and almost all airsoft models are actually replicas of real world weapons. Civilian gun ownership in Japan is illegal and airsoft naturally found a large market of gun enthusiasts that wanted to own and collect their favorite weapons but were not ready to break the law for their hobby! As such, authenticity and realism is a top priority for airsoft guns and most manufacturers have licensed agreements with the real gun manufacturers to copy the real gun styles and use their trademarks. In fact, in many cases you can install real gun accessories onto airsoft guns due to their similar dimensions and design. At close range, it is extremely difficult to discern an airsoft gun from real guns. That is why some countries, such as the United States, requires all imported airsoft guns to possess orange painted barrel tips. In fact, airsoft guns are so authentic that many police and military training programs across the world use airsoft products for training purposes.

Types of Airsoft Guns
Electric Powered Electric Powered (AEG) - Batteries
Powered by Li-Po, Ni-Cad or Ni-Mah batteries that can be recharged.
CO2 Powered - 12g CO2 Cartridges
Powered by 12g CO2 cartridges that are readily available and disposable.
Gas Powered Gas Blowback (GBB) - Green Gas
Powered by Green Gas, GBB airsoft guns have a realistic blowback action.
Spring Powered Spring Powered (Air-Cocking)
Powered by an internal spring action that does not require any gas or batteries.
● Airsoft Guns are not toys and can cause serious injuries or damage if misused.
● Please use with extra caution in an authorized playing field only.
● Always wear proper eye protection when using an airsoft gun.
● Never point an airsoft gun at someone unless during a game at the field.
● Read the user manual and understand the basic functions before use.
● Buyers and users must always obey the laws and regulations of your country.

● Treat airsoft guns as if they were real firearms and never brandish in public.
● Recommended for ages 18 or older.
● You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase an airsoft gun from us.
● We are not responsible for any damages or injuries caused by the misuse of our products.
● All gun owners must always obey the laws and regulations of your state and country. 
● There is no warranty on any airsoft products unless specifically stated otherwise.


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