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A5 Kits

Add MILSIG flare to your A5 with the new MILSIG TA5C system. The new TA5C conversion kit is unlike anything else available on the market today, its unique magazine well locking system connects the RIS (Rail Interface System) shroud directly to the marker receiver body, compared to lesser mounting systems that mounts the shroud onto the barrel itself. With the TA5C system, the shroud is secured, centered, and does not rotate with the barrel. This allows the user to mount tactical accessories such as sights, lasers, lights, grips, etc. without unnecessary strain to the barrel or the barrel mount. The barrel is also allowed to free float, meaning more accurate shots from the marker, as the barrel stays centered to its original mounting point. In the event of a ball break, the barrel can be independently removed on the fly for cleaning.

The TA5C kits also come with a 1:1 scale M16 style magazine well and false magazine. The working magazine release latch allows the false magazine to be removed, and the false magazine itself can be as a mini tool storage. The TA5C kit installs in a matter of minutes, and come with 2 retainer rings, in 7/8” and 1” diameters, allowing the user to use any MILSIG or most other aftermarket barrel systems.

Also available are MILSIG’s famous MATS and CATS stock systems now specifically made for use on the A5 series markers. With the MATS stock installed, the marker can be made standalone, with the air source (13CI HPA tank or any 5cm Co2 tank) built into the stock. With the CATS system installed, the user has an air thru stock that has the ASA nipple at the back of the stock and away from the marker body, thus allow the user to mount the remote line away from the marker for maximum mobility and comfort. Both of these stock systems come with MILSIG’s special steel mounting brackets and locking pins which mounts the stock securely onto the marker body and will stay wobble free. The TA5C system makes your A5 truly practical and tactical!

Key Features
  • True Free Float Barrel, barrel can be independently removed for cleaning
  • Shroud mounts onto the marker and not the barrel
  • Removes unnecessary strain to the barrel / barrel mounting point
  • Shroud does not move with the barrel and all accessories mounted on the RIS system stays centered/zeroed
  • Can be used with all MILSIG barrels or any other 7/8” or 1” barrels
  • Working magazine well and magazine which doubles as a mini tool storage
  • Direct bolt on, kit installs in minutes

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